Focus on Leads Who Matter is an email reputation monitor that helps your team focus on the B2B leads who matter. Our service will help you easily identify valid domain names, and filter tire kickers, bots, and fraudulent accounts, giving your team more time to focus on higher value leads.

A more efficient sales funnel

Immediately Disqualify Bad Leads

The EmailReputationAPI service can help your team triage leads more efficiently by filtering out bad leads before they reach your CRM.

Identify Disposable Domains
Disposable domains are often used by bots and fraudsters to create fake accounts. Our service will help you identify disposable domains so you can filter them out before they reach your CRM.
Reduce CRM Expenses
By filtering out bad leads before they reach your CRM, you can reduce your CRM expenses by only paying for leads that are likely to convert.
Improve Email Deliverability
EmailReputationAPI can immediately validate email syntax and confirm valid top-level domains (TLDs), helping to ensure your emails will actually arrive in the desired inbox.
Reduce Credit Card Fraud
Credit card fraudsters often use disposable email addresses to create fake accounts. By filtering out disposable email addresses, you can reduce credit card fraud.

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  • Validate up to 100 email addresses every month
  • Email syntax validation
  • Personal and anonymized domain detection
  • TLD (top-level domain) validation
  • Basic analytics
  • Bulk validator (coming soon)


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  • Validate up to 10,000 email addresses / domains every month
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